News from the Ecosystem #7 is out!

News from the Ecosystem #7 is out!

Hello from the seventh issue of our News from the Ecosystem series!

As IDEMA- International Development Management, INOGAR and Needs Map, we are institutions that feed on the same creative ecosystem and work in cooperation and coordination. In this context, we include developments, projects and what is happening in the field from our ecosystem consisting of IDEMA, INOGAR and Needs Map in our monthly newsletters. We periodically share special bulletins that we have written together with experts in our ecosystem and stakeholder network.

In this month’s issue, we include news from the ecosystem from May.

We wish you pleasant reading!

Disaster preparedness and post-disaster redevelopment

YanYanayiz Psychosocial Support Centers Opened in Antakya and Samandağ Districts of Hatay

May 13th 2024

Aware that psychological support is also an important need in addition to basic needs such as shelter, nutrition and hygiene after the February 6 earthquakes, all children affected by the earthquakes, in our psychosocial support centers we established in Antakya and Samandağ with the support of Z Zurich Foundation, Zurich Insurance and HeyMo, Our free psychosocial support sessions for young people and adults have started.

You can visit our centers to receive sessions from our expert teams on disaster, trauma and grief psychology, and you can find the address information at

We Met with the US-Based Direct Relief Team at the Needs Map Container Living Area

May 16th 2024

As IDEMA- International Development Management, INOGAR and Needs Map, We hosted Regional Director Katerina Takovska, Program Manager Alexandra Kelleher and Regional Consultant Hande Hande Arpat Çakır, MD of Direct Relief, a US-based non-profit providing emergency medical aid services internationally, at the Needs Map Container Living Area in Hatay and held discussions on possible collaborations.

Needs Map Solidarity Documentary was deemed worthy of the February 6 Earthquake Special Award at the 1st International Disaster Film Festival

The International Disaster Film Festival (UAFF) is an international film festival that draws attention to the theme of “disaster” for the first time in the world, conducts studies on disaster and cinema, aims to raise disaster awareness, and aims to reward films that deal with issues related to the effects of disasters.

The International Disaster Film Festival (UAFF), organized by Anda Association with the support of the Turkish General Directorate of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was held in Ankara on 21-26 May. Needs Map Solidarity Documentary was deemed worthy of the February 6 Earthquake Special Award, which is given to productions that deal with the earthquake that occurred on February 6 and its consequences.

Sustainability and Climate Crisis

Famous Ethologist Dr. Jane Goodall was a guest at Istanbul Bilgi University

May 6th 2024

World famous ethologist Dr. Jane Goodall gave a speech titled “Reasons for Hope” at Istanbul Bilgi University Santralistanbul campus on May 6, in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication and Roots & Shoots TR.

Talking about her own extraordinary life story, Goodall stated that her teachers, whose lessons she followed at the British Academy during her youth, had strict prejudices that animals did not have a cognitive and emotional world. Stating that he sees the resistance and self-renewal properties of nature as a great source of hope, the valuable researcher continued his speech and informed the audience about the activities of the institute and the association.

We attended GYIAD Sustainability Summit

May 9th 2024

We were at the Sustainability Summit, organized for the first time this year under the leadership of GYİAD Young Managers and Businessmen Association, focused on the concept of sustainability and all its aspects, from business to art, from social entrepreneurship to food and technology;  where names such as Mert Fırat, Mumin Sekman, Dr. Izel Levi Coskun, , Sertaç Doğanay, Melis Muhtaroğlu, Elvan Odabaşı attended as speakers.

Mert Fırat, Founding Partner of IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR: “There has been an 800% increase in the UN’s call needs for emergencies related to extreme weather conditions in the last 20 years. Disasters are increasing. Pandemic, war, disaster, etc. Millions of people migrate for various reasons. We see that those who are most affected by these processes are disadvantaged groups. We need SDG 17, ‘Partnerships for the Goals’, more than ever. “The role of the Needs Map working in the field of humanitarian aid is very important.”

Nutrition and Healthy Living Expert, Formeo Doya Doya Yaşam Founding Partner Elvan Odabaşı: “There is a fact that we need to include in our lives: In the future, designing new foods will become a necessity. Food technology will be the main tool that feeds us. “These technologies will play a vital role in meeting future food needs and ensuring nutritional security.”

SENTRUM Green Destination Model is in Birgi, the Historical Village of Izmir

May 20th 2024

The “Sustainable Energy Based Tourism Application Center (SENTRUM)” Project is realizing the second center of the green destination model in Izmir’s historical Birgi Village, after Ayvalık Küçükköy. As an ecosystem, we attended the launch meeting. We also attended the “Sustainable Tourism and Transformation” panel,  Moderated by Duygu Demirdag, with speakers Cem Seymen, Prof. Itir Erhart and Şerife Aksoy.

We were at Istanbul University Social Responsibility Club’s Sustainability Summit

May 20th 2024

We took part as a speaker at the Sustainability Summit24, held in Avcılar Campus, organized by the Social Responsibility Community of Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration, with the participation of IDEMA Sustainability and Social Impact Specialist Gizem Aktas. We talked about the founding stories of IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR, their ecosystem structure and social development perspective. We screened the Needs Map Solidarity Documentary at the Summit.

We attended HBR Türkiye Sustainability Summit

May 21st 2024

HBR Türkiye Sustainability Summit 2024 will be held on 21-22 May with the theme “Time to Show Real Value”. The summit brings together thought leaders, industry representatives and transformation pioneers to realize the potential of sustainability. IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR Founding Partner Mert Fırat and INOGAR Board Member Prof. Itir Erhart took part in the panels.

Mert Fırat: “I approach art from a realistic perspective and believe that everything we do serves an effect. Activities in the field of civil society are efforts aimed at creating exactly this effect. I am on the platforms where we multiply this impact together. Both IDEMA, Needs Map, INOGAR and UNDP Goodwill Ambassadorship processes were like an exploration into development perspectives and strategies for me.”

We Attended the CDP Türkiye 14th Climate Nature Conference

May 21st 2024

“CDP Turkey 14th Climate & Nature Conference 2023 Results and Award Ceremony” hosted by Zorlu Performing Arts Center focuses on the theme “New Era in CDP: Transition from Climate Reporting to Nature Reporting”. Following the evaluation of the previous year, the conference introduced the new era of climate reporting. Trends that will shape the future were discussed.

According to the announced results, a positive improvement trend was seen in the emission data of companies reporting from Turkey. The proportion of companies reporting an absolute increase in their emissions compared to last year fell to 25 percent, a significant improvement compared to the 51 percent reported in the previous year. Additionally, 53 percent of companies reported reductions in their emissions, nearly doubling the number of companies reporting reductions in the previous year.


We attended Plastic-Free Festival

May 21st 2024

It is the second of the Plastic Free Festival, one of the events that raise environmental awareness in Turkey, organized in cooperation with The Purest Solutions Academy and Circles of Influence Foundation, with the aim of explaining the damage caused by plastic to nature and the seas to a wide audience, inspiring alternative solutions and raising awareness about more sustainable living habits. This year it took place at Museum Gazhane. In addition to interviews and panels throughout the day, the festival included many events such as Upcycle Workshop, Storytelling Workshop, Zero Waste Workshop and Workshops for Children.

Maruderm Cosmetics CCO Yağmur Kalyoncu: “As a member of the Maruderm family, we believe in the importance of sustainable communication language. The media needs to guide the consumer on this issue. Even though we are rival brands, we are together here for the same purpose. Saying “Wounds heal with art”, we made a painting that will go to Hatay in this event. After the earthquake, we wanted to touch the lives of women in the region. Even though we could not alleviate their pain, we aimed to reconnect them to life through art. “In the project we carried out in Hatay Container Living Space in cooperation with Needs Map, we created a living space and art workshop for women.”


Child and Youth Rights

We Commemorate Sezai Hazrat, the Founder and Chairman of Habitat Association, with Gratitude and Longing

May 12th 2024

He is one of the pioneers in civil society work, who struggles especially for young people to take part in decision-making processes, and who devoted his life to civil society and young people; We are saddened by the sudden loss of Sezai Hazrat, the Founder and Chairman of the Habitat Association, which set out with the mission of establishing a communication bridge between the youth of the world and the youth of Turkey; remembers him with gratitude and longing; We offer our condolences to his relatives and the entire civil society community.

Development is Possible with Youth

May 19th 2024

As part of this special day dedicated to young people, we published our video interview series and special newsletter to look at different issues, needs and suggestions on the agenda from the perspective of young people, from social impact to climate crisis, from artificial intelligence to political participation.

Within the scope of the #DevelopmentIsPossibleWithYouth series, which we prepared in cooperation with Regenerative Impact Space and IDEMA, we handed the microphone to young people, emphasizing that they are common leaders who have a say in not only tomorrow’s but also today’s problems and solution proposals. These young leaders, each making a difference in their own field, shared the needs underlying the problems of today and the future and the approaches we can adopt to build a better world together.

World Saving Enthusiast & Change Pioneer Melisa Akkuş, Social Impact Designer & Facilitator Damla Kayan, Interface Campaign Director Nevzat Taşçı., PALGAE Biotech Research INC., who contributed to our series with their opinions. Founder Eylül Er, Engineer and Researcher Yiğit Karataş and Business and Organizational Psychologist İremnur Koç; We would like to thank Regenerative Impact Space Founder Ekin AL for his support during the collaboration process.


Collaboration Network Project for Children Started

The “Cooperation Network for Children in Need” project, supported by the European Union Delegation in partnership with the Needs Map and Koruncuk Foundation / Turkey Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, has started!

The project aims to increase child welfare by supporting access to services for girls in Turkey who face restrictions in accessing their rights and whose access to education and basic needs is at risk.

Youth Applications Started for the 9th Term of the First Opportunity Program

May 20th 2024

Young people’s applications have started for the 9th Term of the First Chance Program with the Şevket Sabancı Vision, of which we are stakeholders as Needs Map!

Participants will be offered full-time work experience for 12 months, over 250 hours of training and development support, mentoring opportunities and support to improve interview skills. The application deadline for the program is June 23, 2024.

For detailed information and application, you can visit website or create your first opportunity by applying for the Needs Map ‘Project and Business Development Assistant’ position within the scope of the First Opportunity Program by clicking on the link in our profile!

Culture, art and creative industries

We were in Denizli for the Sustainability in the Pursuit of Art: Discovering Permanence Talk

May 1st 2024

“Sustainability in the Footsteps of Art: Discovering Permanence Talk” was held at İSTEK Denizli Schools, with IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR Founding Partner Mert Fırat as the speaker. Mert Fırat expressed his views on collaborations with institutions from different sectors and disciplines, the effects of the studies, activities that can be done to build a sustainable future, and how individuals can become a part of these processes.

We Attended the Information Day of the INSPIRE Project

9 Mayıs 2024

As INOGAR, it is financed within the framework of the financial cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and is supported by the Republic of Turkey. Ministry of Industry and Technology | Within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, the project information day of “INSPIRE: Capacity Building Project for the Appropriate Transformation of the Creative Economy in Turkey”, under the leadership of the General Directorate of Development Agencies, in cooperation with the Istanbul Development Agency and Izmir Development Agency. We joined. The project aims to define and taxonomy the creative economy on a Turkish scale by using Nesta’s dynamic mapping method.

Take Your Place on the Sun of Culture Map

May 10th 2024

Sun of Culture Map is a platform developed by IDEMA and Needs Map with the support of Enerjisa, in order to create a visibility area for individuals working in the culture and arts ecosystem within the scope of the 11 provinces affected by the earthquake, to make them accessible and to analyze the employment changes in the culture and arts ecosystem due to the earthquake.

Through this platform, culture and arts stakeholders in the earthquake zone can share their experiences, current status and contact information with the map, while other culture and arts stakeholders can use this platform as a database for networking and possible collaborations. Click to visit the platform:

Eclipse Documentary Meets the Audience

Mat 17-30th 2024

Paribu, the supporter of the Needs Map in the field of sports, Turkish National Olympic Committee, T.R. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Gymnastics Federation, the Eclipse documentary, which is about the struggle of the national gymnasts who qualified to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games during the pandemic period and their historical success in the Olympics, met with the audience at Paribu Cineverse cinemas between 17-30 May.

As Needs Map, we are happy to support the screening of the film with teachers and students! For campaign details, visit


We were in Ankara for UNICEF “Community Participation in Humanitarian Action Toolkit” Project Trainings

May 20-22nd 2024

UNICEF Turkish National Committee | As the Turkish National Committee and IDEMA, we were in Ankara for the pilot training program organized within the scope of the “Community Engagement in Humanitarian Action Toolkit (CHAT: Community Engagement in Humanitarian Action)” project, aimed at improving the capacities of UNICEF and its implementing partners in increasing community participation in humanitarian interventions.

The training was organized with the participation of SGDD-ASAM (Association for Solidarity with Refugees and Migrants) to share community engagement and humanitarian aid strategies specifically adapted to Turkey’s local needs. During the training, participants gained comprehensive knowledge about CHAT strategies and good practice examples, as well as experience in applying the knowledge in the field.

The training program is planned to be implemented in more regions across Türkiye and repeated regularly.

Breast Cancer Awareness Increases with the collaboration of Needs Map and AstraZeneca!

May 29th 2024

“Breast Cancer Awareness Training” was organized for over 100 women by volunteer physicians in Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep, within the scope of the “Know Yourself Early Diagnose Breast Cancer Awareness Movement” with the support of AstraZeneca, which we carried out together as Needs Map and Cancer Fighters Association.

In these trainings, women acquired controllable information such as the incidence of breast cancer, initial risk factors, the importance of early diagnosis, breast cancer screening methods (mammography) and manual examination.

As a result of the training, appointments for screening will be brought together at the Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Training Center (KETEM) and guidance will be given to the masses about the screening results.


We Participated in “Sea of ​​Endless Possibilities: HAVAS AI Day”

May 27th 2024

We attended the “Sea of ​​Endless Possibilities: HAVAS AI Day”, the first of the GEN AI events organized for communication and marketing professionals, hosted by Istanbul Modern! The event covered the transformation of the world of brands, marketing and agency with artificial intelligence, the position of artificial intelligence in the future communication world and artificial intelligence. He focused on various discussion areas, especially the place of intelligence in the creative process.

We attended “AI For Good” Event

May 30th 2024

We participated in the hybrid “AI for Good” event organized by the United Nations in order to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in achieving sustainable development goals and to disseminate these solutions on a global scale. At the event, visions of how artificial intelligence could impact the world by 2030 were shared and current dilemmas regarding artificial intelligence were discussed. The focus was on the future of climate action, impacts on the global economy, the potential to move humanity forward, saving children’s lives with artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence impact initiative, various use cases and required skills.

Partnerships for the goals

We were in Germany for 8th Turkish-German Economy Day

May 4th 2024

The founders of the Needs Map are Ali Ercan Özgür, PhD and Mert Fırat took part as speakers in the “Social Responsibility and Social Economy” panel at the ATIAD European Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists Association 8th Turkish-German Economy Day, held at the Düsseldorf Congress Center on May 4.

At the panel, they presented their opinions and evaluations on current issues in the field, from developments in the ecosystem to projects. Government officials, economists, entrepreneurs, academics and relevant representatives from various sectors from Germany and Turkey discussed the opportunities in the economy, developments in the world of artificial intelligence and corporate social responsibility issues.

We attended Global Risk Report Meeting

May 7th 2024

The launch conference of the Global Risks Report, which is announced every year at the World Economic Forum, was held at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus in cooperation with Marsh Turkey, Zurich Sigorta and TÜSİAD. The opening speeches of the meeting were made by Marsh Turkey Chairman Tayfun BAYAZIT and Zurich Sigorta Turkey CEO Yılmaz Yıldız. At the meeting, where the Global Risks Report was introduced by Marsh McLennan Executive Director Richard Smith-Bingham and Zurich Insurance Group CUO EMEA Scott Toland, a panel was held where technological, environmental and economic risks and the macroeconomic conditions associated with these risks were discussed with experts in the field.

We attended 33rd EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum

May 14-16th 2024

The meeting, held this year in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, with the theme “Let’s Create Impact Together”, gathered approximately 3,000 participants from 74 countries, including high-level official delegations, representatives of international and private sector organizations, business leaders and experts from the financial sector, under one roof. Needs Map Executive Director Evren Aydoğan, IDEMA Deputy General Manager Gökçe Ahi and IDEMA Deputy General Manager Sait Beyazyürek attended the meeting.

Nearly 200 expert speakers took part in the panels held within the scope of the meeting. More than 35,000 online participants worldwide followed the meeting. The panels, which lasted three days, took place on three main themes: inclusion, digitalization and green transformation. Many important issues were discussed, from macroeconomic developments to digitalization, from renewable energy to economic participation.

We attended EYDK Impact Investment Summit

May 23-24th 2024

Working to shape and move Turkey’s impact investment story forward, EYDK held the first of the EYDK Impact Investment Summit, which is planned to be held every year, at Boğaziçi University on 23-24 May. Impact Investing Advisory Board “EYDK” – Impact Investing Advisory Board, Turkey NAB, speakers of leading national and international institutions and organizations that shape the impact economy, impact capital managers, public and private sector representatives, international and national investors, development finance and other financial It brought together representatives of organizations within the framework of the theme “Accelerating Impact: Shape the Future, Transform Together”.

At the summit, the panel titled “Demand for Impact Capital: Meeting the Needs of a Changing World” moderated by IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR Founding Partner Ali Ercan Özgür, PhD; with the speakers of IstasyonTEDU General Coordinator Sinem Güravşar Gökçe, Impact Hub Founding Partner Ayşe Sabuncu, Rally Assets Senior Expert Sila Basturk Agiroglu, MES. A memorial was held for Sezai Hazir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Habitat Association, who made significant contributions to the world of civil society and is planned to take part as a speaker within the scope of the EYDK Impact Investment Summit.

We attended IPEC – 2024

May 23-24th 2024

Prosumer Economics Conference IPEC2024, held in Turkey for the first time in the world, was held at Kadir Has University between 29 – 31 May 2024. The conference focused on Prosumer Economics and a new sustainable economic vision. The necessity and inevitability of global, ecological and social change were discussed and solution suggestions were offered. Many experts from around the world and from Turkey shared their knowledge and experiences at the conference. At the conference, IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR Founding Partner Ali Ercan Özgür, PhD and INOGAR Board Member Prof. Dr. Itir Erhart also took part as a speaker.

We were the guests of the “New Generation Jobs Program” broadcast on Bloomberg HT

May 25th 2024

Blending sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology, the New Generation Jobs Program focuses on the stories and innovative solutions of leaders who shape the future of the business world. Needs Map, IDEMA and INOGAR Founding Partners Ali Ercan Özgür, PhD and Mert Fırat were the guests of the “New Generation Works Program with Gökçen Müftüoğlu Çapa”, which is broadcast every Saturday on Bloomberg HT, on May 25.

We Took Part in the Business Transformation Meeting Organized by Regenerative Impact Space

May 28th 2024

We were at the Business Transformation Meeting organized by Regenerative Impact Space, we attended a workshop on the new economy paradigm and the transformation of the business world with Erinch Sahan from Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL). We came together as leaders and change pioneers from the business world, hosted by HAN Spaces. At the meeting, IDEMA Deputy General Manager Sait Beyazyürek and INOGAR Board Member Prof. Dr. Itir Erhart took part. We would like to thank Regenerative Impact Space for their invitation and organization of the meeting.


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