News from the Ecosystem #6 is out!

News from the Ecosystem #6 is out!

Hello from the sixth issue of our News from the Ecosystem series!

As IDEMA- International Development Management, INOGAR and Needs Map, we are institutions that feed on the same creative ecosystem and work in cooperation and coordination. In this context, we include developments, projects and what is happening in the field from our ecosystem consisting of IDEMA, INOGAR and Needs Map in our monthly newsletters. We periodically share special bulletins that we have written together with experts in our ecosystem and stakeholder network.

In this month’s issue, we include news from the ecosystem from April.

We wish you pleasant reading!

Disaster preparedness and post-disaster redevelopment

Be Informed Today Before That Day Comes

April 24th 2024

Earthquake Calendar is an installation work exhibited at the Museum Gazhane by Needs Map and TBWA\ISTANBUL. In the installation, which consists of 365 different pieces representing each day of the year, visitors remove one piece of the calendar every day. Thus, the installation begins to lose its strength and balance day by day.

The purpose of this work, expressed through design, is to draw attention to the possible destruction that the city will face if the necessary precautions are not taken. The installation serves as a reminder of what needs to be done now for the earthquake that is thought to be waiting for Istanbul and invites visitors to be conscious and sensitive against the earthquake.

To be a part of disaster solidarity; You can support the Needs Map, which works actively in disaster areas, and the Disaster Platform member institutions working with the mission of minimizing the negative effects of disasters, and contribute to the preparation processes for possible disasters as a volunteer.

We Came Together with Representatives of Hatay Family and Social Services Provincial Directorate

April 19th 2024

In order to develop the Psychosocial Support activities carried out within the scope of the Turkey Disaster Response Plan in Hatay’s Samandağ district, a coordination meeting was held, hosted by the Needs Map, with Representatives of the Hatay Family and Social Services Provincial Directorate and Non-Governmental Organizations operating or wanting to operate in Samandağ.

Activities Held at the Needs Map Container Living Area on April 23

April 23th 2024

April 23 celebrations at Hatay Needs Map Container Living Area started on April 22. A festival was organized for children within the scope of the “Doors Opening to Colorful Dreams” project, Z Zurich Foundation “We Are Side by Side” project and the “Dream Ship” project we carried out with Duru.

Within the scope of the Team Paribu project, national athlete Ersu Şaşma and national fencer Deniz Selin Ünlüdağ also participated in the events and answered children’s questions about athletics and fencing. Then they watched the students’ dance performances.

#WeAreWithYou Project Starts in Hatay

April 30th 2024

We take the healing power of art behind us and set out to meet the children affected by the earthquake. Together with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the Child Friendly Village Association, we will hold workshops in Hatay’s Dover Village where children can express themselves freely.

We were Elected to the Ethics Committee of the Turkish Local NGO Humanitarian Forum

April 30th 2024

As Needs Map and INOGAR Cooperative, we attended the General Assembly Meeting of the Turkish Local NGO Humanitarian Forum (TİF) held at Tech Istanbul & İPA Entrepreneurship Center on April 30. We were elected to the Needs Map Ethics Board at the general assembly of TİF, which was established immediately after the earthquakes of February 6, 2023, to strengthen the participation of non-governmental organizations operating at local and national levels in the earthquake coordination led by the United Nations Turkey (UN).

Sustainability and Climate Crisis

We Participated in the Sustainability Week Organized by the United Nations General Assembly in New York

April 15-19th 2024

At the events attended by Needs Map Board Member Esra Arslan, the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development and data-driven strategies to develop solutions to important social problems such as income inequality and gender bias were discussed.

They focused on identifying national and international solutions aimed at ensuring socio-economic equality for all, within the framework of the United Nations General Assembly Sustainability Week held in New York, USA.

The Innovation and Social Impact Summit, hosted by Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF), was held at the New York Times Center. The impact of artificial intelligence in increasing social benefit, the importance of innovation in disaster resilience, and the role of companies in creating social impact were emphasized.

Shared preparation and work with community and religious organizations on the Community Development Program and other resources offered by the New York Department of Emergency Management.

United Nations Development Program Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (UNDP ICPSD) in collaboration with the United Nations Sustainable Development Finance Office (UN-DESA) “Private Sector for SDG Compatible Investment Opportunities in the Global South” At the “Unlocking Capital” event, the collective understanding of effective strategies to lead to sustainable development goals was shared by encouraging dialogue and cooperation between countries.


We Interviewed with Interdisciplinary Philosophy Cooperative (DAF) Founding Partner, Philosopher Prof. Dr. Hakan Çörekçioğlu

April 22nd 2024

Interdisciplinary Philosophy Cooperative (DAF) emerged as the product of a vision born with the training received within the scope of , Social Cooperatives Center of Excellence and Fair Trade Turkey projects, and the support and inspiration received from Mathematics Education Cooperative, Needs Map, INOGAR and IDEMA. In our exclusive interview with Founding Partner of the Interdisciplinary Philosophy Cooperative, Philosopher Prof. Dr. Hakan Çörekçioğlu, we obtained detailed information about the establishment process of the cooperative, its goals, team structure, contributions to the field of philosophy and its importance in the development perspective. We would like to thank him for his inspiring shares.

Childhood and Youth Rights

We Asked Children: What Kind of World Would You Like to Live in?

April 23th 2024

Within the scope of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, children in the IDEMA, INOGAR and Needs Map ecosystem asked “What kind of world would you like to live in?” We have compiled the answers to the question and the answers from the studies carried out by I-CHILD and UNICEF Türkiye. Click to watch our video, which we released on April 23, with the hope of a world where children’s rights and well-being are protected and their dreams are paved.

We Evaluated the Young Fair Future (YFF) Project with Our Young Participants

April 28th 2024

We organized an enjoyable meeting where we came together with our young participants. At the meeting, we discussed the Young Fair Future Project and examined the programs of the project in detail with the contributions of community leaders. We answered the participants’ questions and exchanged information. We will continue our collaboration with community leaders and student clubs in order for the project to reach more young people.

We Talked with Elvan Odabaşı About New Generation Food Production

April 2nd 2024

Partners of the Fair Future Sustainable Production and Business Cooperative, established within the scope of the Young Fair Future (YFF) Project, met at an iftar dinner with the participation of Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Specialist Elvan Odabaşı. At the event, which started with the opening speeches of INOGAR Cooperative Chairman of the Board Mehmet Sarıca, Elvan Odabaşı made a presentation on new generation food production and then answered the questions of the cooperative partners.

We Experienced the Future-Oriented Synthesis of Traditional Flavors

April 30th 2024

We came together at the tasting day titled as “How Will the Future Be Fed?” with Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Expert Elvan Odabaşı. Partners of the Fair Future Sustainable Production and Business Cooperative, established within the scope of the Fair Future for Youth (YFF) Project, and Esenyurt Municipality officials met at the Esenyurt Municipality Continuing Education Center. After experiencing the forest fruit, chocolate and pineapple versions of the new generation food “H.Tox”, for which the Fair Future Cooperative will manage the packaging, storage and distribution processes, they talked about the nutrition codes of the future.

Culture, art and creative industries

DasDas Celebrated Its 7th Anniversary with Its First Game, Joseph K.

April 7th 2024

DasDas, the culture, art and entertainment center of the Anatolian side, opened its doors for the first time 7 years ago with the play ‘Joseph K.’. DasDas, which has hosted many theater plays, musicians and artists on its stage since the first day it opened its doors, celebrated its 7th anniversary with theater lovers on April 7 with the same play. Aiming to bring theater to wider audiences and contribute to theater production in Turkey, hosting more than 300 guest plays on its stage for 7 years, realizing 35 play productions, hosting nearly 1 million audiences, organizing tours to more than 30 cities, in its event program DasDas, who does not miss his music and stand-up performances, plans to continue his activities without compromising in his new year and raise his goals even higher.

Partnerships for the Goals

Güler Altınsoy, Needs Map Co-Founder, was elected to the Expert Group of European Commission’s “Code of Conduct for Data Management and Sharing in the Social Economy”.

April 19th 2024

Güler Altınsoy, Needs Map Co-Founder, was elected to the Expert Group of European Commission’s “Code of Conduct for Data Management and Sharing in the Social Economy”. The ethical CoC to be put forward by the expert group will be beneficial for improving the data management capacity and awareness of the actors in the ecosystem. Click to read the full news.

We Came Together in Gaziantep as Representatives of International Organizations Implementing EU Projects

April 26th 2024

We came together as representatives of international organizations that benefit from EU grants and implement EU Projects, hosted by Gaziantep Information Center, the first Information Center of the European Union in Turkey. Representing our ecosystem, Needs Map Cooperative Partner and INOGAR Chairman of the Board Mehmet Sarıca attended the meeting. At the event attended by Ramūnas Janusauskas, Head of the Turkey Communication Department of the European Union Delegation to Turkey, the contributions of the organizations implementing EU projects and programs in Gaziantep to the region were evaluated, and contacts were made between different organizations for sustainable communication and cooperation.

IDEMA Officially Joined the Pact for Skills

April 30th 2024

By officially joining the Pact for Skills, IDEMA is strengthening its network, purposeful practices and skills. The Pact for Skills is a European initiative that supports innovative and sustainable organizations in the context of upskilling and reskilling for green and digital transformation. By joining the Pact for Skills, IDEMA will be able to gain special access to current developments and good practices; will be able to benefit from expert advice on funding opportunities; will be able to establish new partnerships as part of a wide and constantly growing network.


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