News from the Ecosystem #8 is out!

News from the Ecosystem #8 is out!

Hello everyone from the eighth issue of our News from the Ecosystem series!

As IDEMA, INOGAR, and Needs Map, we are institutions that are nourished by the same creative ecosystem, working in collaboration and coordination. In this context, in our monthly newsletters, we cover developments, projects, and field activities from our ecosystem, which consists of IDEMA, INOGAR, and Needs Map. We also share special newsletters written with experts from our ecosystem and stakeholder network at regular intervals.

In this month’s issue, we bring you news from our ecosystem in June.

We wish you pleasant reading!

Preparedness for Disasters and Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Earthquake Drill for Izmir Earthquake Scenario

June 2, 2024

As Needs Map and INOGAR, we participated in the earthquake drill.

With the participation of member institutions of the Disaster Platform and stakeholders in Izmir, an earthquake drill was conducted based on the expected Izmir earthquake scenario, hosted by the Izmir City Council and coordinated by the AKUT Foundation.

Theoretical and practical studies focused on emergency humanitarian aid, resource development, warehouse and volunteer management, and coordination of relevant teams were conducted over two days. A total of 65 participants from 13 institutions attended the drill, both face-to-face and online.

Scott Holt and Kübra Özdemir from the Australian Embassy Visited the Needs Map Container Living Area in Hatay

June 2, 2024

On June 10, Second Secretary and Consul Scott Holt and Public Diplomacy Manager Kübra Özdemir from the Australian Embassy visited the Needs Map Container Living Area in Hatay, where the ‘Improving the Well-being of School-age Children’ project funded by the Australian Embassy and conducted by INOGAR is being carried out.

During the visit, detailed information about the project was shared, and ideas for future projects were discussed.

Sustainability and Climate Crisis

We Celebrated World Environment Day

June 5, 2024

This year’s theme for World Environment Day on June 5 is ‘ecosystem restoration and resilience against desertification and drought.’ On this important day, we emphasize the UN’s message #GenerationRestoration and renew our commitment to restoring degraded ecosystems, protecting nature, and supporting sustainable development.

Intersection of Climate, Migration, and Technology: Discussing the CLIMB Project with Assoc. Prof. Tuba Bircan

In a special interview with Assoc. Prof. Tuba Bircan, Head of the AIMS (Artificial Intelligence, Migration, and Society Research Group) Laboratory in the Sociology Department at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, we explore the CLIMB Project. The CLIMB Project aims to better model and predict climate-induced migration in Africa and beyond by leveraging “big data” and “machine learning.” The CLIMB Project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium (Data-Pop Alliance, Harvard University, IDEMA, Ipar Think Tank, Malmö University, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) to understand and model the complex process of climate-induced migration. IDEMA contributes to the project by providing its extensive network for the participation of international stakeholders and contributing to machine learning, data science, mapping, and communication studies. For more information, visit

Children’s and Youth Activities

We Were in Ordu with the Team Paribu With You Project

June 1, 2024

In collaboration with Needs Map, the Team Paribu With You project, which was launched to meet the sports equipment needs of children, continues in different cities across Turkey. Last month, we were in Ordu as part of the project. During our visit to Kökenli Elementary School with 200 students, we supported the students’ access to sports with new sports equipment.

On this special day, Team Paribu athlete, national wrestler Kerem Kamal was also with us. The students learned about the physical and mental benefits of sports with Kerem Kamal and a movement instructor. They did sports together. 🏃

We Started Our Activities at MBKF Art Academy as Part of the #WeAreWithYou Project

June 1, 2024

Setting out in April to meet with children affected by the earthquake with the healing power of art, we announced that we would be conducting workshops where children could express themselves freely in Dover Village, Hatay, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Truck and Children’s Friendly Village Association.

We are pleased to announce that we have started our activities at the MBKF Art Academy, which we established with the contributions of Mercedes-Benz Truck Financing in partnership with Children’s Friendly Village and INOGAR.

We Continue Our Work Under the Project to Strengthen the Foster Care System in Turkey

June 30, 2024

UNICEF’s Project to Strengthen the Foster Care System in Turkey aims to effectively mobilize target audiences and achieve social transformation with a communication and behavior change strategy. The program is being carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Services with the support of the European Union. As IDEMA, we continue our communication activities in the project aimed at increasing the number of foster families in Turkey.

Culture, Arts, and Creative Industries

Take Your Place on the Culture Sun Map

June 1, 2024

The Culture Sun Map is a platform developed by IDEMA and Needs Map with the support of Enerjisa to create visibility for individuals working in the cultural and artistic ecosystem in 11 provinces affected by the earthquake, ensuring their accessibility and analyzing the employment changes in the cultural and artistic ecosystem due to the earthquake. Through this platform, cultural and artistic stakeholders in the earthquake zone can share their experiences, current situations, and contact information, while other cultural and artistic stakeholders can use this platform as a database for networking and potential collaborations. Click here to visit the platform:

The Theater Cooperative Celebrated Its Fifth Anniversary: A Growing Support Network for Private Theaters

June 26, 2024

The Theater Cooperative, established with the aim of enabling private theaters in Turkey to operate to 21st-century standards, celebrated its fifth anniversary. The fifth anniversary celebration of the Theater Cooperative underscores its commitment to continue advancing its founding vision and increasing its contributions to the sector. Starting with just 13 private theaters, the cooperative has grown into a large structure with around 80 private theaters today, continuing its work as a significant support network in the sector.

The Theater Cooperative defines its structure as a social cooperative working to enrich the artistic production of private theaters while making them economically, socially, and legally stronger and sustainable. The seven-member Board of Directors consists of Chair Mert Fırat, Vice Chairs Gülhan Kadim and Muharrem Uğurlu, and members Burak Satıbol, Eyüp Emre Uçaray, Hakan Silahsızoğlu, and Vildan Güleç. Board members work on a volunteer basis.

Working for all private theaters across Turkey, the cooperative provides guidance to enhance the capacity of its stakeholders in economic, legal, social, and academic fields; organizes projects, campaigns, and training. Additionally, it develops collaborations with national and international cultural institutions, public institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations, academia, and similar structures. Since its establishment, the cooperative has undertaken various projects for the sustainability of private theaters, conducting work focused on societal benefit to strengthen the country’s cultural and artistic ecosystem. By amplifying the voice of theaters, which do not yet have specific legislation, the cooperative supports sectoral development and continues to grow and achieve its goals by bringing together the creative strengths of its partners.

Technology for Development

We Were in Brussels for the SocialTech4EU Project Final Conference “Green and Digital Together”

June 27, 2024

Launched in 2022 and spanning two years, the SocialTech4EU project is co-financed under the Euroclusters by the European Union. SocialTech4EU aims to strengthen the resilience, innovation capacity, competitiveness, and sustainability of social economy ecosystems and new startups and SMEs in the social economy. The conference held within the project brought together social entrepreneurs, cluster and Eurocluster managers, Social Economy Networks, and EU policymakers.

Needs Map, one of the initiatives awarded and successfully implementing all three phases of the SocialTech4EU Program, was presented at the final conference hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee. As the Needs Map team, we also visited the Confcooperative Brussels office. During the visit, we discussed Needs Map and its activities and evaluated potential cooperation opportunities in the field of social economy.

Partnerships for Goals

We Were in Izmir for the Impact Investment Forum

June 11, 2024

The first meeting of the Impact Investment Forum, organized in cooperation with TARKEM and EYDK, was held in Izmir, focusing on “Place-Based Impact Investment.”

At the panel “Impact from the Investor’s Perspective: Impact Investment Stories 2,” Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür, Co-Founder of IDEMA, Needs Map, and INOGAR, participated as a panelist.

The panel highlighted the significant contributions of impact investments to local development, social innovation, and community welfare. Key projects and collaborations in the field of impact investment carried out by civil society organizations, social enterprises, academia, and government institutions were shared.

We thank EYDK for the invitation and all participants.

We Were in New York for the Platform Cooperatives Consortium Annual Meeting

June 13, 2024

Evren Aydoğan, Executive Director of Needs Map, traveled to New York City to attend the Platform Cooperatives Consortium’s annual meeting. During his visit, he participated in studies on cooperative examples from various parts of the world. Additionally, in connection with our ongoing social and economic development projects, he held meetings with organizations such as the World Bank, the American Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

We Were in Geneva for the H20 Summit

June 19-20, 2024

The H20 Summit, initiated by the G20 Health and Development Partnership (G20HDP) in Geneva in 2018, continues as an annual platform supporting the G20 Presidency agendas. The summit brings together the global health community with the worlds of politics and finance, ensuring that health issues gain higher priority on the agendas of policymakers and international organizations. The H20 Summits adopt the vision of creating healthier and more sustainable societies and economies to achieve and surpass the United Nations’ 2030 goals within the framework of Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17).

At the 2024 H20 Summit, panels were held on the evolving role of Global Health Diplomacy in the G20 and G7 and its impacts on other partnerships. Before the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in September, the Global AMR Legislative Report, developed with former and current politicians to demonstrate ways to strengthen the relationship between scientists and policymakers, was launched. Additionally, new mechanisms and tools to strengthen the bond between investors and health communities were discussed. New financing models for investing in women’s health and non-communicable diseases were evaluated, and investments in health and socioeconomic well-being of societies were considered.

Mert Fırat, Co-Founder of Needs Map, was a speaker in the session “Conversations with Social and Global Activists/Champions.” The session addressed the increasing impacts of climate change, supply chain risks, geographical changes, and trade disruptions on the long-term health of our societies. Mert Fırat emphasized, “You need to plan for the impacts of these issues on the long-term health of societies and allocate budgets accordingly; otherwise, you will pay 100 times more in 10 years.”

We thank The G20 & G7 Health and Development Partnership team for the invitation and all participants for their interest.


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