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L.I.F.E Projesi, Girişimcilik Eğitmenini Arıyor!

L.I.F.E Projesi, Girişimcilik Eğitmenini Arıyor!

Job Summary: ​To give entrepreneurship trainings, to carry out the analysis, reporting and
audit processes related to training. To maintain processes of collection and presentation of
sectoral information. Having the infrastructure to share knowledge and experience in the
field of entrepreneurship (legal/ economic processes for the immigrant/ refugee population).

Primary Liabilities:
● To be able to perform time management in your project trainings,
● Participating in the planned meetings in the scope of the project,
● Being sensitive about educations and learning psychology for foreign groups,
● To carry out team works in multicultural environment and to help to protect harmony,
● Acting in parallel within the scope of the project programme and the educational content.
● Dominating the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its legal/ economic processes for the
immigrant/ refugee population in our country.

Flexibility and Being Open to Change: To be able to work with groups in different cultures
under variable situations and conditions.
Communication Skill: ​To be able to perform verbal and written communication skills in
Turkish, English and Arabic languages.
Time management and Planning: ​Adapting to the project schedule and performing content
time management.
Being well in with people: ​Working in harmony with project team and stakeholders.
Keeping the in-team motivation dynamic and creating demand.
Self-improvement:​Researching, reading and sharing in areas where participants can be
guided. Being able to follow innovation and practices and to foresee the opportunities and
Efficient use of resources:​Being conscious about efficient/ effective use of purchased
services and resources related to project budget.

Required Skills
● Being graduated from the relevant departments of universities,
● Being worked as an instructor in entrepreneurship for maximum 2 years,
● Having the reference letter for trainings, work completion certificate,
● Having a full command of Arabic,Turkish and English languages.
● Knowing efficient communication methods and having teamwork skills
● Being able to manage planning and marketing methods
● Having working experiences in a multicultural environment
● Having no obstacle to travel.
Send your application file Entrepreneurship Trainer Application/ Name Surname(CV,
motivation letter) to email: