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L.I.F.E Projesi, Mersin İlinde Görev Yapmak Üzere Eğitim Müdürünü Arıyor!

L.I.F.E Projesi, Mersin İlinde Görev Yapmak Üzere Eğitim Müdürünü Arıyor!

Position Scope:

The Training Manager will be the prime interface for entrepreneurs, work-force, trainers, business coaches and mentors, responsible for managing and planning all the training programs in the Incubator. This position requires a team player with strong communication, interpersonal skills, the ability to coach people and give constructive feedback, a passion for continuous learning, innovative thinking and negotiating skills. The Training Manager will ensure that the LIFE program fulfills the training needs of each participant to the greatest extent possible.

Primary Liabilities:

●  Identifying and assessing future and current training needs of entrepreneurs and work-force in the IDEMA & stakeholders consultation with line managers

●  Monitoring and evaluating training program’s effectiveness, success and reporting on them and Managing training budget

●  Determining format of training (e.g. workshop, online, interactive virtual classroom, on job training, etc)

●  Working with software developers to create a knowledge database to provide employees access to training materials/manuals

●  Calculating costs and benefits of training programs and feedbacks from participants regarding training programs

●  Tracking laws/regulations/circulars on training in Turkey and ensuring adaptation of the IDEMA according to the legislative amendments

●  Planning various workshops/events/webinars for the Incubator and execute the same with the help of team members

●  Manages/organizes a repository of additional resources that can be accessed by entrepreneurs for more in depth or specialized information.


●  Bachelor’s’ Degree (Adult Education, Training, Business, or related degree)

●  Previous teaching/training experience (at least 2+ years) in business,entrepreneurship and/or management

●  Experience working with entrepreneurs/small business owners, refugees andconsulting or working with entrepreneurs in the food industry

●  Fluency in Turkish, English ( Arabic is a plus)

●  Knowledgeable of the Adult Learning Theory and Instructional Methodologies

●  Teaching Principles for Individual and Groups

●  Curriculum and Training Design

●  Ability to handle multiple, detail-oriented tasks simultaneously with limited supervision

●  Financial skills

●  Computer skills, proficiency in MS-Office, specifically Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

●  Living in MersinSuccessful candidates MUST be legally authorized to work in Turkey.

You are kindly requested to direct your applications to i​ ​under the title of LIFE Training Manager Application_TM/ Name Surname(CV)