#2 Special Newsletter – We Have a Message for 2024!

#2 Special Newsletter – We Have a Message for 2024!

In 2023, we carried out many projects, events and collaborations both in Turkey and on international platforms. This year, when we faced many challenges, we grew our impact and increased the voice of hope and solidarity together. In this special newsletter, we hand over the pen to our leaders, who have an important share in the work we carry out throughout the year, and share with you their messages about their views on 2023 and their wishes and visions for 2024.

As IDEMA- International Development Management, Needs Map, INOGAR, we wish to continue, develop and increase the work that contributes to the social, environmental, economic and cultural development of our country and society in 2024, and we wish everyone a happy new year!

Dr. Ali Ercan Özgür, IDEMA, İhtiyaç Haritası, INOGAR Co-founder

“This year, we realized once again how important it is to act in cooperation, especially in times of major crises, by acting together with our ecosystem, opening doors to new opportunities. We took justified pride in fulfilling our social responsibility in the most effective way during the earthquake disaster that affected 11 provinces. In the new year, With the influence of the Regional Recovery and Development Center, we will work determinedly to restore prosperity in the region.

We knew that we had taken the first steps of a great transformation in Turkey with the establishment of IDEMA; We bid farewell to 2023 with the pride of experiencing the transformation with the Needs Map and our ecosystem we created by supporting the establishment of INOGAR. Every new beginning carries the excitement of spring awakening within us. Even though the happiness experienced in human history is behind us, a new period of time makes us happy. We welcome 2024 with the excitement of being a partner in this goal and carrying the flag one step forward, as in the first years of our Republic, in the first years of the second century. “In the coming years, times will be waiting for us when we will expand our ecosystem and implement many new development tools.”

Mert Fırat, IDEMA, İhtiyaç Haritası, INOGAR Co-founder

“This year has been a year in which we have faced many challenges both for our country and for our world, and we have found solutions to the problems we face in each other and in solidarity. As this year is also the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we have seen that the ideas planted with labor and high emotions have developed, grown, and created new ideas.” We remembered again that ideas will continue to multiply and grow. We also witnessed that the ideas we planted as sprouts took root, and IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR renewed coordination, solidarity, hope and cooperation in the moments when they were most needed.

I hope that 2024 will be a year in which new idea shoots in our ecosystem will increase, the roots of existing ideas will deepen, our impact will spread, labor and solidarity with all our stakeholders, teams, volunteers will increase, our culture of collaboration will continue, and hopes will flourish.”

Güler Altınsoy, IDEMA, İhtiyaç Haritası, INOGAR Co-founder

“While the world is going through a transformation process, grappling with the climate crisis and increasing natural disasters, Turkey also faced a major disaster at the beginning of 2023. We once again understood the importance of the work and experiences we have been carrying out for many years in the field of disaster resilience and coordination. Both nationally and internationally We have witnessed how the partnerships and bonds we have established at various levels have enabled us to mobilize resources around the world during major disasters such as earthquakes.The spirit of unity and solidarity that has settled deep within our ecosystem has proven to be our greatest strength in difficult days.

I hope 2024 will be a year where we build better again. In our global journey, one of our main focuses in 2024 is to expand our reach and impact, and to reach larger audiences by carrying our experiences and good practice examples to new geographies. “By leveraging the power of technology, we will continue to develop creative solutions and make a difference for the social challenges faced by our country and the world.”

Evren Aydoğan, İhtiyaç Haritası Executive Director

“As Needs Map, IDEMA and INOGAR, we are institutions that feed on the same creative ecosystem and work in cooperation and coordination. In 2023, under the leadership of Needs Map, we carried out dozens of solidarity projects, many of which prioritize our citizens in earthquake-affected regions. In these most difficult days of our Republic’s history, we, as an ecosystem, created with all our stakeholders And we hope that the projects we are currently continuing at full speed will be an inspiration for everyone. The appreciation that the models we have created here have received in Turkey and around the world also motivates us at this point. This includes our support to the earthquake victims in Morocco and NGOs affected by the war in Ukraine with our teams in different parts of the world. continues in context.

Based on this, I hope that 2024 will be a year in which we build models that design the future with a social development perspective. What I am most hopeful about is that the potential of trained human beings is increasing day by day. Leaders need to be trained to see this potential and use it in the best way. Hope lies in bringing technology, qualified people and good leaders together and removing the obstacles in front of them. We need more work to be hopeful. “We need to continue and develop the imece culture.”

Mehmet Sarıca, INOGAR Chairperson of the Board

“2023 started as a difficult year for Turkey due to the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake that occurred on February 6. While we, as an ecosystem, continued the projects we were currently carrying out immediately after the earthquake, we also carried out work to eliminate all the negative effects caused by the earthquake. In 2023, in previous years In line with the working vision of INOGAR Cooperative, we have implemented projects in different cities, especially Istanbul, to strengthen disadvantaged groups in Turkey, develop the culture-art ecosystem, and popularize fair trade.

As we leave behind 2023, a year in which the healing power of the ecosystem spirit and team solidarity is felt the most, I hope that 2024 will bring peace, tranquility and happiness to our country and our world. As INOGAR Cooperative, may we have a year where we will realize many projects that touch people together with our stakeholders in the ecosystem!”

Kenan Anıl Gökrenk, INOGAR Board Member

“Following the Kahramanmaraş earthquake, we left the year 2023 behind with its devastating effects for our country. This year took away many things from all of our lives. It left behind goodness, solidarity, unity and solidarity. In 2023, our ecosystem will continue to reduce social inequality and promote social development in all segments of society, despite all the difficult conditions.” He worked with great effort and dedication to promote it.

After this difficult process, I hope that 2024 will be a year full of hope, getting better every day with the power of labor and solidarity with all our stakeholders. As an ecosystem, we hope that the new year will be a more fair, inclusive and diverse year for sustainable development, and we believe that we will continue our vision of building a more equitable future. Because as Nazım said; “We haven’t been to the most beautiful sea yet, we haven’t raised our most beautiful child yet, we haven’t lived our best days yet… Maybe we will be consumed with a lot of pain, just like this year, but we will still have our best memories in the future.”

Prof.Dr. Itır Erhart, INOGAR Board Member

“2023 was a very difficult year in which we saw destruction and suffered losses. As an ecosystem, we worked in the field from the first hours, with a volunteer team that grows every day, together with all our stakeholders. We felt the power of solidarity, we became strength and hope for each other. We developed long-term projects with a development perspective Throughout the process, we benefited from the healing power of art and sports and gained new companions and dream partners.

In 2024, we will continue to work together with all our fellow planets for a world that is fairer, more equal, and where the well-being and welfare of all living beings are taken into consideration. Let it be a year in which we remain in solidarity, pursue the good, and never lose active hope!

Esra Arslan, İhtiyaç Haritası Board Member

2023… is a year full of struggles for Turkey as well as for the world, where transformation efforts accelerated by the pandemic continue, and with the traces of countless natural disasters and difficulties that bring with it the awareness that transformation is a “mandatory direction” and harmony with nature is “unquestionably necessary”. .2023; Despite everything, it is a year that is an example of hope, solidarity and not giving up, especially for Turkey, in all this chaos… Our ecosystem as IDEMA, Needs Map and INOGAR has played an important role in keeping this hope alive with solidarity in many different processes. In the fight against disasters, in addition to the experience we have gained over the years, our knowledge, the way we use technology, resilience, adaptation speed and coordination ability, our greatest wealth is our social capital, our genetics that provide a safe environment for individuals and institutions to take action, and our collective awareness, which is important for renewal and development. We understood again.

We will continue to work to leave a better future for our country and the world through meaningful collaborations, by finding and implementing innovative solutions to social and community problems, by continuing to serve the most basic purposes of our existence, without compromising our values, spirit, and unity. I wish all of us a more equal, fairer, greener 2024!”