Innovation in Action: Needs Map Co-founder Güler Altınsoy Shared Insights at Civil Society Week in Brussels

Innovation in Action: Needs Map Co-founder Güler Altınsoy Shared Insights at Civil Society Week in Brussels

“The Civil Society Week 2024: Civil Society for Democracy in Candidate Countries” held in Brussels on March 4th, returns with a focus on the crucial role of civil society in democracy within candidate countries, emphasizing resilience and transparency in democratic processes. The event serves as a platform to underscore commitment to fostering democratic principles and social responsibility, showcasing how cooperatives contribute to more democratic, transparent, and resilient societies.

Güler Altınsoy, Co-founder of Needs Map, was a featured speaker, discussing the pivotal role of civil society organizations in EU candidate countries.

The panel, moderated by Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary General of ALDA, features panelists Güler Altınsoy, Co-founder of Needs Map and Nataša Vučković, Vice-présidente ALDA, Secretary General of the Center for Democracy Foundation.

The agenda includes two rounds of questions for panelists, contributions from the audience to gather recommendations to strengthen civil society in candidate countries, and feedback from notable figures such as Ionut Sibian, Executive Director of the Civil Society Development Foundation from Romania, and MEPs Andrius Kubilius & Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel.

Remembering 20 years ago, We were mainly focusing on transparency, democracy, civic participation, accountability and diversity in the civil society. Today, the role of the civil society changed into focusing more on social cohesion, human rights, disaster response and recovery and economic empowerment in Turkey due to the current needs.” -Güler Altınsoy, Co-founder of Needs Map, INOGAR and IDEMA

Altınsoy emphasized the need for accessible financial support and capacity-building initiatives to foster resilient and democratic societies.

Needs Map Europe highlighted its innovative approach in promoting social cooperatives and addressing challenges in funding structures.

The panel addressed critical needs for sustainable growth and underscored the importance of involving local stakeholders.